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What will the BRIC meeting bring to the stone industry?

What will the BRIC meeting bring to the stone industry?

In today's market situation, the stone industry still has a very big prospect, and coincides with the Xiamen Golden Year, but also once again promoted the urbanization of Xiamen and other surrounding
Since the decision to settle in Xiamen, Xiamen, stone circle of friends for a moment gossip. "Xiamen held a BRICS meeting, all factories around to stop work?", "Is the truck will be banned?", "Stone prices will soar?" ... Many stone people see this divergent opinions, true and false Panic.
Gossip from the gossip, people for the BRICS meeting on the stone industry speculation, mixed. Factory shutdown, involving environmental issues; truck forbidden, traffic problems; soaring stone prices, then with the BRICS business opportunities and needs related. Everything has pros and cons on both sides, the Xiamen BRIC meeting as well, in the stone industry to bring tremendous business opportunities and needs, but also to promote the stone industry to complete the industrial restructuring and upgrading.
Environmental issues bear the brunt
The 2014 Beijing APEC Conference and the 2016 Hangzhou G20 Summit were held by the government in the past to ensure that the environment and traffic around the city during the conference were in good condition. Accordingly, Pei Jinjia, member of the Standing Committee of Fujian Provincial Party Committee and Xiamen Municipal Party Committee, made a clear answer: the Preparatory Committee decided to stop work and leave without clarification during the meeting. Apart from individual sections of important time periods, there will be no road closures and no stops, minimizing the impact on social traffic of people's livelihood.
Although the government said it will not stop the industry, in order to prepare for the BRICS meeting, Xiamen and its surrounding cities will undoubtedly intensify the environmental governance efforts, especially for manufacturing industries. As early as the end of 2016, Xiamen started a large-scale environmental management. As the head of Xiamen's "half-hour living circle" and as the most important stone production site in China, Xiamen also suffered a great deal from the beginning of the year. From April to investigate and deal with the "three no" stone enterprises up to now reached more than 400, a large number of substandard production workshop will face the dilemma. Apparently, the investigation and management of environmental protection and control of the industry will not stop after the BRICS meeting.
After the conference, the improvement of infrastructure and the expansion of urban scale will be an important task for Xiamen and its surrounding cities. Headwater town environmental problems rectification efforts will also intensify. Stone enterprises dust collection and other pollution problems will be greatly rehabilitated, unqualified stone processing plant will face a devastating blow. Under this situation, if it is not to be shut down, it is necessary to increase investment in environmental protection, change the extensive traditional heavy-polluting processing mode, and realize the industrial transformation and take the path of sustainable development.
Stone industry, due to the lack of standardized and effective management of the industry over the years, derived from many problems. In addition to the above environmental issues, there are also issues such as the normative nature of logistics and the quality of stone, which are urgently required by relevant departments and enterprises. Overloading of stone trucks incessantly repeated, behind the business desperate for the sake of desperation, but also the relevant departments under the control of the embodiment. Now BRICS meeting is about to be held, Xiamen road logistics and transport control inspection is bound to be more stringent, I believe the relevant enterprises will act according to the rules. Hope this is not a temporary heat, normative logistics and transport, should become the stone industry rules.
Further broaden business opportunities
The stone industry after a standardized transformation, will be a better gesture to meet the huge business opportunities brought about by the BRIC meeting. Xiamen Golden Brigade to raise international visibility at the same time, it will also bring some of the surrounding cities capital and human resources, which for the entire stone industry, this year the market began to gradually pick up, this wave will be to some extent To stimulate the market, to promote the development of the entire industry play a role.
The BRICS countries such as India and Brazil originally provided a large amount of raw materials and a vast market for the stone industry in Xiamen and its surrounding cities. Trade in Fujian and BRIC countries contrarian last year, especially in the downturn of the foreign trade situation. In particular, Brazil, Become Fujian's largest trading partner in the BRIC countries. From January to February 2017, the import and export of Fujian Province to the BRICS countries reached 12.52 billion yuan, up 39.2% over the same period of previous year, accounting for 7.4% of the total import and export value of Fujian's foreign trade during the same period. Data show that Fujian's trade with BRICS countries maintained a rapid growth. The stone is a large trade item between Fujian and BRIC nations.
Xiamen Golden Brigade meeting will once again promote trade between Fujian and BRIC countries to further open the international market. In terms of the stone industry, the business opportunities we have for cooperation with foreign countries are even broader. For the BRICS, the same is a good opportunity. Some foreign stone dealers frankly said: "We hope that the BRICS summit can further promote trade exchanges between the two countries and bring good benefits to our stone business." At the same time, under such opportunities, new challenges are inevitable and competition within the stone industry Will increase day by day.
Urbanization drives consumer demand
In today's market situation, the stone industry still has a very big prospect, and coincides with the Xiamen Golden Year, but also once again promoted the urbanization of Xiamen and other surrounding cities. The process of urbanization accelerated and infrastructure support has also been further improved and upgraded. Xiamen Metro Line 1, which is expected to be commissioned on September 1, is expected to be built in the second east lane of Xiamen. Many landmark buildings under construction in Xiamen will need a large amount of stone as building materials. This is the huge demand that the BRIC meeting brought to the stone industry.
At the same time, the development of urbanization is bound to bring a series of industry fluctuations. After the G20 summit in Hangzhou in 2016, housing prices rose for 17 consecutive months. In this context, we initially estimated that around Xiamen before and after the BRICS housing prices will be the same with Hangzhou will have different levels of rise, real estate and other construction industries will be greatly developed, the demand for decoration market will also be rapidly expanding, and stone As one of the major building materials industry renovation will also be greatly developed.
Afterword: Xiamen BRIC meeting will have a series of stone industry impact, we also look forward to the entire industry in the opportunities and challenges to be further developed. Hope that as a stone people can have their own responsibility to assume their share of that burden.