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Marble cabinets marble cabinets maintenance methods

Marble cabinets marble cabinets maintenance methods

Because of the marble material characteristics, we are applied to do a lot of furniture in life, then we think that marble cabinets alright? Following with the nine positive stone net Xiaobian take a
Because of the marble material characteristics, we are applied to do a lot of furniture in life, then we think that marble cabinets alright? Following with the nine positive stone net Xiaobian take a look at marble cabinet maintenance method,
Marble cabinet okay
The advantages of marble cabinets
1, no distortion, high hardness, strong wear resistance
After long-term natural aging rock, uniform organizational structure, linear expansion coefficient is minimal, the internal stress completely disappeared, no deformation. Made of hard texture cabinet, scratch-resistant performance is very prominent, good wear resistance, and the texture is very beautiful, not afraid of acid, alkaline liquid erosion, will not rust, no oiled, sticky dust, while maintenance, maintenance Convenient and simple, long service life.
2, anti-abrasion, high temperature, maintenance-free
Good rigidity, high hardness, strong wear resistance, small temperature deformation. No scratches, no resistance to constant temperature conditions, at room temperature can maintain its original physical properties.
3, physical stability, careful organization
Affected by the falling off of the crystal grain, the surface does not have burrs, the planar accuracy is not affected, the material is stable, the long-term non-deformation can be guaranteed, the linear expansion coefficient is small, the mechanical precision is high, antirust, antimagnetic and insulating. Not magnetized, the measurement can move smoothly, no sesame feeling, not affected by dampness, the plane said good.
4, low cost
Different colors, the most commonly used several price is more reasonable, is a kind of affordable table material. At the same time rich colors, easy to cut or carve molding. One of the more upscale natural stone countertops, suitable for the pursuit of high taste of the crowd.
5, short-term easy to clean
Marble heat resistance is very good, for the kitchen temperature is relatively high in terms of environment, it will not have any impact, and the marble is not afraid of water, as long as the general stains with a towel wipe no serious problem Add some detergent on the line.
Disadvantages of marble cabinets
1. Relative to the advantages of marble cabinets, the more attractive shortcomings, here we specifically look. Marble is a high hardness, high density material. So need a very strong cabinet to support, but also have some lack of flexibility, if you hit a heavy blow or a sharp change in temperature, its internal will have some cracks, it is difficult to repair, very affect the appearance.
2. In addition to the shortcomings of the marble cabinets described above, there is a point that is very noteworthy is that the entire cabinet can not be composed of only a marble table, so splicing techniques must be stitching more than one marble. No matter how good the splicing technology, it is impossible for the whole countertops seamless, so the cabinet there will be some cracks, cracked place there is accumulation of dirt, bacteria, serious impact on health.
Maintenance of marble cabinets
1, marble cabinets have the ability of lasting anti-injury, but we usually should pay more attention to avoid contact with strong chemicals, do not touch the strong acid cleaner, etc., if inadvertently contact with it, you should immediately use a lot of soap Rinse the surface of the marble cabinet with water.
2, wipe with warm water and soft and clean cotton or sponge, in the process of cleaning marble cabinets, do not use too much water, just need to ensure that the cotton cloth, sponge and a little wet on it.
3, you can often use a damp cloth to remove the scale of the marble cabinet surface, and then wipe with a dry cloth, remember to keep the marble cabinet dry, as long as we can diligently cleaning, adhere to the correct method of marble cabinets for maintenance, I believe in front of your marble cabinet has always been a beautiful luster.
4. If the marble cabinet is too dirty, apply a small amount of dry borax and a clean damp cloth, gently scrub the marble and dry it with a dry cloth, knowing that the marble cabinet looks bright.
5, can not be placed directly inside the high temperature of the marble cabinet inside, so as to avoid its bad effect, resulting in cabinets were damaged.