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Top 10 stone producing areas you should know broadcast articles

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First, China's stone capital - Shandong Laizhou, there are white linen, cherry blossom red, golden hemp, Laizhou green and other stone species.

Second, the hometown of granite in China - Macheng, Hubei, there are many stone species such as sesame white, hibiscus white and langtosha.

3. China Stone City - Fujian Nan'an Shuitou, the largest stone logistics center and the largest stone import and export base in China.

Fourth, the

center of China's stone base - Guangdong Yunfu, one of the main sources of granite and marble, mainly famous for imported block processing.

5. Baoxing, Sichuan, the capital of Oriental Han white jade, has many stone varieties such as marble white jade, oriental white and carved white.

6. The hometown of Chinese marble - Hubei Tongshan, there are many stone species such as marble gold inlaid jade, tulip, black and white roots.

7. China

Shicheng-Shandong Wulian, one of the largest granite producing areas in China, rich in five lotus flowers, five lotus red, five lotus gray and other stone species.

8. Cen Xi, the capital of granite in China, has many stone species such as maple leaf red, pink hemp, Sanbao red, begonia red, etc., with rich reserves, large output and bright color.

9. Hui'an, Fujian, the world's stone carving capital, uses granite as raw material and is the representative of southern stone carving.

10. The hometown of Chinese stone - Pingyi, Shandong, Pingshan, Hebei, Ya'an, Sichuan, Shanshan, Xinjiang.

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