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Stone maintenance operation process

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Materials are in need of maintenance, whether it is wood or stone, if not well maintained, even stone with a long life will unconsciously shorten the service life, then it seems that the maintenance of stone is necessary. So now let the decoration network Xiaobian take you to further understand the stone maintenance operation process.

1. The ground is dry

This process is operated in two situations, (1) the water stains of the original stone surface joints, we use far-infrared lamp heating and drying. (2) Moisture from other planes, naturally dry. As a result, the water stain has been completely removed, which is economical and fair, and the customer is very satisfied.

2. Fill the stone gap

It is an important preventive measure to solve the stone crevice seepage water by caulking method. Caulking must be taken squarely. The caulking material should have good adhesion, no powder, waterproof, can be abrasive and polished, we use German super marble crack supplement, according to the process of filling the gap filling (the filling surface is level with the stone plane, the caulk should be average, to prevent leakage. And cured by more than two drying.

3. Leveling, grinding and polishing

In view of the fact that the stone surface has been waterproof before, causing the discoloration of the stone,

we did not directly use the method of leveling and grinding, but first used O# steel wool, with special equipment to grind and rub, grind off the discoloration layer on the surface of the stone, revealing the original background color of large flowers and white. Fortunately, because the degree of penetration of the protective agent into the stone surface is very light, we have received good results with the above solution alone, and the discoloration problem we are worried about has been managed. The second set of solutions is to use marble diamond grinding plates, water grinding discs, and polishing step by step, and prepare them for use.

4. Rust yellow treatment

According to the overall plan, the places with severe rust spots are first polished with steel wire cotton to remove surface rust, and then rust removal is carried out with a special marble rust remover. The rust removal process is as follows: clean the surface dry, wet and dry, the rusty surface is pasted with white paper towels plus rust remover cover, plastic film sealing, surface coating, aging treatment 3, after cleaning with neutral detergent, it is washed and dried with clean water (rust that cannot be removed at one time can be retreated).

5. Waterproof and protection

In order to avoid future water stains, rust, and other pollution of marble, customers mean our program, the ground after grinding to apply protection, we learned the lesson of the original protective discoloration, selected several better waterproofing agents, took the same stone to do the experiment, on the one hand to check the protective effect, on the other hand to check whether to change the color of the stone, and according to the water absorption rate to determine the process dosage. After making the above preparations, we protected the ground on a large scale. Protective treatment: We mainly grasp the following processes: (1) Clean the stone surface. (2) Dry thoroughly. (3) Average brushing of protective agent, moisturizing the stone surface, not missing brush, not too much, to prevent storage, the former affects the protective effect, the latter affects the beauty and increases the difficulty of cleaning. (4) Under the premise of nature, air drying is more than 24.

6. Crystal treatment

After the above process, crystal

treatment can be carried out, with Spanish crystal plus hardener, the polishing agent according to its use process instructions, through the equipment pressurization, low-speed grinding, so that the agent produces a thermal reaction, so that the ground forms a non-slip hard mirror.

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