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Several important concepts of stone conservation

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"Jing Wushi is

not showy, and Zhai Wushi is inelegant"

"Actually, stone is not as strong as you think"

"Almost all stone lesions are formed with water as a carrier"

"Good stone is "raised"

Paved or renovated stone has shown its colorful and excellent beauty, but because the hardness of marble is extremely low, it can not be done once and for all, and uninterrupted daily care is required to improve the hardness of the stone and increase the anti-wear ability, and the targeted, planned and reasonable maintenance is the only solution for the stone to remain new.

【Stone Refurbishment】Stone refurbishment is the use of special equipment to remove the damaged surface of the stone and restore its original color and natural texture of the processing process, which is a remedy. The basic treatment of stone before it is put into use mainly solves the height difference during stone paving, the shearing position, the uneven middle seam, and other problems caused by the lack of protection of finished products during construction.

[Stone Maintenance] is an advanced process that uses a special stone curing agent to fully penetrate into the inside of the stone and form a protective layer, so as to achieve waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion and improve the weathering resistance of the stone. It is generally used to protect the stone on six sides before stone paving.

【Stone cleaning】This refers to the deep cleaning of stone, which is a process of using a special stone deep cleaning agent to penetrate into the inside of the stone, fully decompose the pollutants, and then remove them. It mainly solves the problem of stone lesions.

【Daily maintenance

】Daily maintenance is a way to keep the stone brilliant color for a long time and shine like new in daily use for a long time. The main process used is crystal plane processing.

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