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What should I pay attention to in stone maintenance?

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Now many friends will use stone for home decoration, stone is also divided into natural and artificial, so how should we maintain these stones when cleaning the home? What problems should be paid attention to in stone maintenance? Today, let Chengdu Boschjia Cleaning Service Co., Ltd. answer your questions.

In home life, oil, tea, coffee, cola, soy sauce, ink, etc., if dripping on the surface of the stone, will easily penetrate into the inside of the stone along the pores, forming stains that are difficult to eliminate. Once something dirty is poured on the stone, be sure to remove it immediately to prevent it from penetrating inside. When cleaning regularly, choose a special protective agent for stone, or ask a professional company to polish it.

Stone care

It is best to avoid natural stone in the bathroom. Due to the large amount of water vapor in the bathroom, the surface of natural stone in such an environment is easy to become dull, and produce cloud-like white smudges. In addition, chemicals such as soap and shampoo can also contaminate the surface of the stone, making them rough and dull.

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