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What should be paid attention to in stone maintenance

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1. Stone is afraid of water, humid environment will produce hydration and carbonic acid effect on stone, produce water spots, whitening, weathering and other phenomena, destroy the beauty of the stone surface, and even affect the nature of the stone, so the decorative parts of the stone should be kept ventilated and dry.

2. The acid and alkali

resistance of the stone is poor, so it is easier to damage the material when it is affected by acid and alkali. Therefore, when maintaining the stone, you can not wax and clean the surface of the stone with cleaning agent at will. Common water-based wax, oil-based wax, etc. contain acid and alkali substances, do not for a moment of good looks, and destroy the long-term stability of the stone, if you have to wax, you must choose professional stone wax, please professional guidance wax. The cleaning agents are acidic and alkaline, and long-term cleaning of the stone surface with the cleaning agent will also destroy the beauty of the stone.

3. The cleaning of the stone

surface should be timely, whether it is hard granite or soft marble, it cannot withstand the erosion of wind and sand, so it is necessary to clean the dust on the surface of the stone frequently.

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4. The mulch on the surface of the stone

is not easy to cover too much and cover for a long time, and the mulch will hinder the "breathing" of the stone, which in turn will increase the moisture inside the stone and affect the material of the stone. If the stone surface is covered with objects, it is necessary to move the position of the items frequently.

5. If you want to maintain the stone, it is best to find relevant professionals for guidance, and use professional cleaning agents for cleaning, such as polishing powder can enhance the luster of the stone surface, crystallization liquid will recrystallize the marble surface, etc.

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