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What are the types of stone

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First, the type of stone

Stone is mainly divided into natural stone and artificial stone. Among them, natural stone is directly mined in nature, including marble, granite, etc.; Artificial stone is synthetic stone, and adhesives will be used in production, divided into organic stone and inorganic stone.

Second, the characteristics of different stones

1, marble: marble is derived from limestone, after the surface of marble is polished and polished, its decorative property is very strong, but relatively speaking, its material is relatively soft, the surface is easy to be scratched and corroded by various acidic substances, so be more careful when using.

2, granite: the surface of granite is very hard, it is a volcanic rock, granite wear resistance and corrosion resistance are very good, so it is more suitable for use on the kitchen countertop, or spread on the ground, so that there is no need to worry too much about being scratched.

3. Inorganic artificial stone: As the name implies, inorganic artificial stone does not contain any organic materials, which means that it does not contain carbon atoms, so its hardness is one higher than that of organic artificial stone.

4, organic artificial stone: inorganic artificial stone does not contain organic components, on the contrary, organic artificial stone has a certain amount of organic components, organic artificial stone

density is relatively high, so it is not easy to absorb water, there is better sealing, and the light transmittance of organic artificial stone, compared with inorganic artificial stone is better, but the texture of organic artificial stone is more like plastic, and thermal expansion and contraction phenomenon is more obvious.

Xiaobian summary: The above is the relevant introduction of stone types summarized by Xiaobian for everyone, when we decorate, we must choose the right stone type according to different social scenes, so as to ensure the maximum use of the advantages of various stones. If there are other questions, you can leave a message to the editor at the bottom of the page, and the editor will reply to you one by one after seeing it.

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